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Coffee shop, a man works on an Apple Laptop, another man in a string vest looks at a menu on a blackboard.

Deli X

A lovely coffee shop. The sort of place you can buy a cup of tea and stay all day, working on a laptop or reading a book, perhaps from their book exchange shelf. Can be quiet, but also attracts various oddballs who can talk loudly and change the ambience. But what else would you expect […]

Half a luggage trolly is up against a brick wall as if disappearing into it. A woman poses pushing the trolley. Behind her is q queue of bored looking people, queuing behind snaking retractable queue barriers.

Platform 9 3/4

Platform 9 3/4 of King’s Cross Station is somewhat of a tourist trap for Harry Potter fans. Sitting actually to the right of platform 11, you can queue up to get a photo taken with the disappearing luggage trolley. Thankfully, there’s no charge to take your own photo, but I question if the queue is […]

Woman sat in the woods looks up wistfully. She holds a bottle of beer. The remains of a rusted moped can be seen in the background, overgrown with greenery, almost looking like an intentional sculpture

Impossibly Placed Car

God only knows how a rusted car made it into the middle of these woods. Burnt out mopeds can also be found, overgrown with greenery in a beautiful way, almost looking like an intentional sculpture park.


I’m thinking moving here.

Sky with criss cross dome beams holding up glass. Trees are inside, skyscrapers outside.

Crossrail Roof Garden

What I hadn’t expected was the birds singing in chorus and flying through this inside outside space. The whole place under the arches of this geodesic dome reminds me of a sci-fi future depicted in films like Silent Running. One day I popped to the Bupa health clinic in Canary Wharf to get a covid-19 […]

Skull and crossbones statue

Marlowe’s Grave

Sir Christopher Marlowe, the playwright, was stabbed through the eyeball into the brain in a drunken row with a spy friend over the drinks bill in an illegal tavern. But stabbing in South London isn’t reserved to playwrights and spies, these days everyone’s at it. Marlowe, who wrote Doctor Faustus amongst other masterpieces, is now […]


More sky than you’ll find than anywhere else in London. It’s actually on a hill so the ground drops away gradually, creating a feeling of expanse you rarely find in the city. Not a townhouse in sight. The Point is nearby.

The Point

Myth has it that there are secret caverns below The Point dug in olden times to hide from the invading Danes. I heard the tunnels extend all the way down to the Thames and were used for smuggling wine by the Navy officers who lived in the picture postcard like cottages up here on the […]

Two cans of Red Stripe in the foreground, a yard in the background decorated with fairy lights and a mop.

DIY Space [closed]

Update – 2022: It’s now closed. DIY Space for London, despite the name has nothing to do with DIY, or popping down to B&Q to nail some planks of 6 by 4. It is however quite DIY, thrown together, and haphazard. It’s actually a co-op community centre run by volunteers. We went to an open […]

A busy train station, huge arched ceiling, shops and travellers below.

Eurostar International Arrivals

‘Could this be the most emotional place in London?’ I thought, as piano played while long lost couples embraced each other. Someone had the bright idea of putting a piano at Eurostar International train arrivals in St Pancras Station. Anyone can plonk themselves down and play. The quality is surprisingly good, and the best musicians […]

Vegan Rasta

Imagine a Rastafarian. In a tall turban serving vegan mutton curry. Standing in a shopping centre that feels like one you’d find on a year-off travelling the world… and you are not far off. The Zionly Vegan Restaurant in Peckham is run by the ‘Vegan Rasta’ who wears a variety of colourful turban head wraps. […]

The Queen’s House

The Queen’s House is an historic museum. In Netflix filming it sometimes doubles-up as a Queen’s House. Please note – this is not the actual queen Elizabeth the 2nd’s house. It’s not queen Elizabeth the 1st’s house either, despite it having a massive portrait of her above the mantelpiece (which cost a mere £8 million […]

Rest Up Hostel

A huge backpacker hostel that looks like Harry Potter’s castle. Which I imagine would be a cheap and pleasant place to stay if you were a French exchange student and a Harry Potter fan. It’s nearish Elephant and Castle Station, if you need somewhere to sleep, before getting woken up early by one of your […]

Two people fishing by a lake

Burgess Park

There are a few Burgess Parks around the place. So it took a little while to find this, the right one. Presumably the Burgess family were rich aristocrats and owned much of London back in the day, thus parks named after them. Burgess Park off the Old Kent Road is a beautiful spot. Lakes, fountains, […]

City sunset 🌆over a lake with an hexagonalo/angular/polygon shaped building next to it that looks like the Star Wars sand crawler vehicle for the Houdinis

Canada Water Library Cafe

Once upon a time libraries were quiet places. Sadly those days are over. God knows how anyone can get any studying, or working done here, least of all read. Over my lunch at Canada Water Library Cafe (1300-1500 15/10/2019) I had three things to contend with: The noise The temperature The smell of sewage that […]