A funny guide to South London and beyond [Beta]

Burgess Park

There are a few Burgess Parks around the place. So it took a little while to find this, the right one. Presumably the Burgess family were rich aristocrats and owned much of London back in the day, thus parks named after them.

Burgess Park off the Old Kent Road is a beautiful spot. Lakes, fountains, and a place that makes me want to go fishing.

Makes me want to go fishing

Usually at 2.30pm on a weekday, parks like this would be controlled by sketchy characters, drinking Stella, making a racket, with a hard-helmet hanging off their backpack, celebrating, after a long night-shift.

The day I visited was no exception, except the fishermen with the families, combined giving the lackeys dirty looks, with mostly ignoring their revelling, and this seemed to scare them off enough that they went off to find some other, pleasant, though slightly less pleasant place to ruin, where more people would get upset, and they would get more attention. Like a bench outside the shops.

Presumably, the fishermen didn’t want the the fish scared off.

So apart from the sound of the trickling fountain, the park is very peaceful. (Apart from the usual occasional aeroplanes on the flight path to Heathrow in the west of London from the ‘rest of the world’ on the east of London.

Delightful place, Burgess Park.

Old Kent Road may be the cheapest road on the London monopoly board, but Burgess Park is priceless.

At the time of writing, Burgess Park also has a purpose built BBQ area, in a scenic spot by the lake, that reminds me of similar facilities in Sydney Australia. However, a new sign at the entrance to the park announced BBQs are currently banned, presumably due to some local bye-law enacted by a local councillor or similar grumpy-old-bastard.

Tip: The most popular place to feed bread to the ducks is by the ‘do not feed bread to the ducks’ sign.


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