Sky with criss cross dome beams holding up glass. Trees are inside, skyscrapers outside.

Crossrail Roof Garden

What I hadn’t expected was the birds singing in chorus and flying through this inside outside space.

The whole place under the arches, of this geodesic dome reminds me of a sci-fi future depicted in films like Silent Running.

David Attenborough at Crossrail Place Roof Garden
You wouldn’t believe it but there’s a garden through that futuristic tunnel and under the geodesic dome.

One day I popped to the Bupa health clinic in Canary Wharf to get a covid-19 antibody test. Turns out I’ve never had it, but I was convinced, 70% certain at least, I’d had it once, maybe twice. I guess all that shielding at home worked, or the test is inaccurate, or the antibodies had worn out.

£65 quid perhaps wasted, but I would’ve been excited if I’d had it. Plus I had a bet with my girlfriend that I’d had it. A bet I lost.

But upstairs from the Bupa clinic was the wonderful Crossrail Place Roof Garden. It made the £65 well worth it and a lovely sight for sore eyes after all that 2020 social distancing and lockdown.

After that experience I’d say if you’re going on a long term space voyage… to Mars or wherever… I do recommend taking one of those ones with the greenhouse on top because being there in a two bed flat would kind of suck.

Tomorrow I get the vaccine so my journey is nearly over. Quarantine it turns out was less like sci-fi being attacked by aliens and involved a lot more terrifying trips to Lidl supermarket and Zoom video conference calls.

As I step onto the nearby Docklands Light Railway, an unmanned two-railed monorail dubbed by my girlfriend as the crappest rollercoaster you’ll ever ride, I realise we are living in the future.

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