A funny guide to South London and beyond [Beta]

Ecology Park

From the top of Stave Hill Ecology Park you can see the Canary Wharf skyscrapers peeking out of the undergrowth. I’d far rather be here than there.

Stave Hill itself looks like somewhere the Teletubbies would live.

There’s an amazing view from the top. You can see the London Eye to the left, the Gherkin building in the financial district, and a wind turbine slowly spinning in the breeze.

And on the day I wrote this, the Vegan Rasta was visiting with his family, him with his tall bright head scarf, them with smaller headscarves. (At least, that’s what it looked like from distance, from the top of the hill.) I thought they were a bit like the Teletubbies (or Smurfs.)

In a the Ecology park you’ll find flower meadows, woods, dens, ponds, and clearings. Insects and birds abound.

The Ecology park is within a bigger park that was once part of a sort of canal, the old Russia Dock. Now known as Russia Dock Woodland, it’s a long, linear park and a wonderful place for a cycle or walk. (But lookout for youths on mopeds. Or me, reliving my youth on my electric bike.)

One of the paths leads to a campfireless picnic area. But I wouldn’t remember which one. That’s the fun of this place, choose a path, wander, and get lost.

On the day I visited the path was closed for renovation so these stepping stones were the only option.

At the end of the park walk is the Moby Dick pub with views over the water. If you can find it. Keep visiting and eventually you’ll stumble across it.

Moby Dick pub


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