A funny guide to South London [Beta]

Hilly Fields Stone Circle

On a happy cycle ride through South London I cycled up the Hilly Field park.

(It’s quite a hill, thank god for electric bicycles.)

At the top and round the corner I stumbled across this stone circle. Now, normally stone circles in Britain are special things, tourist attractions like Stonehenge or there’s one in Glastonbury.

But without pomp or ceremony, here I stumbled on a stone circle in an otherwise average London park. Without a druid in sight. No entrance fee and no hippies touching the stones for good vides. Surprisingly.

I would’ve been more surprised, had I not been on holiday to Ireland this Summer where every farm has a stone circle.

“Arhh, yeah” my Irish girlfriend said. “That’s where the fairies live. It’s bad luck to clear it”

“I thought you had Leprechauns” I said.

“Leprechauns are just one type of fairy. In Ireland, we have lots of types” she said.

And my mind was blown.

And your mind will be blown too on a trip to Hilly Fields Stone Circle (if you haven’t already been to Ireland.)

Afterwards I recommend a flying cycle ride down the steps down the back.

They aren’t too steep.

But do slam on your brakes at the end because, they lead out into passing traffic.


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